Does PCH Global cater to dental claims?

Yes. PCH Global caters to both medical (professional and institutional) as well as Dental claims.

Is PCH Global accessible from anywhere and across time zones?

Yes. PCH Global is hosted on the cloud, and we offer 24/7 accessibility to all users, 365 days a year.

Is PCH Global compliant with HIPAA regulations?

Yes. PCH Global is compliant with all applicable HIPAA regulations.

Is PCH Global is a secure Payment Portal? Is it safe to transmit my card info to PCH global?

Yes. PCH Global is a secure payment portal and is PCI-compliant as well. All card information is encrypted for secure payment processing in the payment gateway system.

After the sign in/log in to PCH Global, how can I contact your healthcare team to inquiry about the details of any of the Exela’s health care products?

You can click the “Contact Us” tab under the “Help” menu and provide your requirements. One of our sales representatives will call you shortly. You can also visit or call our Helpdesk at 1-844-935-2832.

Can you briefly explain the “Help Me” menu in the PCH Global product?

The “Help Me” menu is designed to support the self-management of the PCH Global web portal. It has FAQs, User Guides, and Training Videos for each module, which will assist you with navigating the system easily.

Where Can I see the notifications?

The “Notification” icon helps you to see notifications regarding your subscription renewals, reminders etc.,

How will the billing information entered during “My Profile” or “My Account Set Up” be used?

When you are using the “Direct Entry of Claims” option in PCH Global, the Billing Information that you have entered will be auto populated based on your selection in the Document Submission screen.

How does the billing cycle work for months that have 28/29 or 31 days?

All calendar months with 31 days or 28/29 days will be considered a 30-day billing cycle (inclusive of date of registration).

How will my subscription get renewed?

The subscription gets renewed automatically after every 30 days using the card details provided by you during enrollment.

When do I get a notification for the subscription renewal payment?

A proforma invoice will be provided 10 days prior to the end of the current billing cycle. It will indicate the estimated invoice amount and the autopay date.

How will postage be charged?

All postage will be charged at the “Actual Cost with Surcharges” and will be billed on a bi-monthly calendar basis. A separate invoice will be generated for the postage cost on the 2nd & 17th of every month and will be sent to your registered Administrator email ID. Payment will be auto deducted as per the date specified in the invoice.

Will I receive any communication on the auto payments (including the status) that were made?

Yes. For all auto payments made, you will receive a confirmation email including the status (success/failure) sent to your registered Administrator email ID.

  • For subscription auto payment “Failed” status, your subscription will not be renewed and you will not be able to submit the documents. Once you complete the payment manually, your services will be accessible. However, it is advisable to fix the auto payment mode prior to the next billing dateto avoid the same issue during the next billing cycle.
  • For postage auto payment “Failed” status, you will need to make the payment manually and directly in the PCH Global system. It is again advisable to fix the auto payment mode prior to the next billing date.
Can you elaborate on “Non-Expiring Transactions” specified in the Add-on Fees section of the Pricing?

For the Plan that you select, your base user subscription plan allows you to submit the specified maximum transactions within the subscription period. In the event you wish to transact with additional submissions (depending on your transaction requirement for Exclusive or Other Payers), you can go to the “Purchase Add Ons ” option under “Manage User” >>> “My Profile” >>> “Subscriber Details” >>> “Add Ons” >>> “Purchase Add Ons” with additional cost as per the Pricing plan.

I am currently subscribed to “Professional.” Can I move to other Plans like “Enterprise” or “Premium”?

Yes, absolutely. All upgrades will become effective immediatelyand all roll-downs will be effective from the next billing cycle.

I am eligible for “Tax Exemption” status and have the Exemption Certification. Will this be taken care of during your billing?
  • Tax is calculated based on the address provided in “Plan Subscriber Information” menu in “My Account Setup” or “My Profile” module.
  • When you sign in as a “New User,” please make sure you check the “Tax-Exempt” check box and upload a copy of the tax exemption certification as a mandatory requirement.
  • If your organization is eligible for tax exemption after the subscription process, you can always upload the tax exemption certification by using the “My Profile” Menu, “Subscriber Information” Tab.
  • Your tax exemption certificate will be validated by us; until then, the applicable taxes will be charged.
  • Upon tax exemption validation confirmation, you will not be charged applicable taxes.
Where I can check my Current Subscription details & Plan Benefits?

You can view your current subscription details under “My Profile” >>> “Subscription Details”.

Where can I check my outstanding payment amount?

You can view your current subscription details under “My Profile” >>> “Subscription Details”>>> “Billing History”.

How can I check my payment information?

You can view your payment information under “My Profile”>>>”Subscription Details”>>>”Billing History” along with invoice details. You can also view the “Invoice and Payment Reports”.

Can you elaborate on what a “Submission” entails?

A submission defines a set of documents pertaining to a single patient depending on the transaction type. For Example: a secondary claim can have a Claim & an EOB of a primary payer. Similarly, an Appeal could have an appeal letter along with medical records.

A tracking number will be assigned by the system for each submission, which will be used for tracking and billing purposes.

What type of Document can be submitted?

Claim to Include but not limited to:

Professional, Institutional & Dental Claims, Primary / Secondary/ Tertiary Claims with EOB/EOMB, Corrected Claims, Resubmission Claims, Member Claims, Roster Claims and Vaccination Claims.

Attachment for Appeals & Grievances to Include but not limited to:

Appeals and Grievances, Medical Records, Clinical Records, Additional Information, Copy of EOB/EOMB, Critical Claim Information, Consent Form, Trauma Report, Claim Payment Dispute, Claim Payment Dispute- Proof of Timely Filing/Member Cost Share/Claims Editing (CCI/LCD/NCD).

Other Attachment Include but not limited to:

Copy of ID Card, Copy of Medicare Card, Date of Injury, Invoice, Itemized Bill, Pre-Certification/Authorization Information, Referral, W9, Cost Containment-Overpayment/Refund/COB & Hospice, Provider Information Change Form, DME Review.

Can you elaborate on an “Exclusive Payer Submission”?
  • Upload your documents in any of the predefined acceptable formats (like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF) to PCH Global.
  • Make sure not to upload print protected, password protected files & files with fillable PDF Forms.
  • Post-upload, the documents will be transmitted to the respective Exclusive Payer that you have selected.
  • Usage is calculated based on number of submissions.
Can I submit Appeals, Claims and Correspondence or upload documents for multiple patients?

Yes. However, for each submission you can submit Appeal, Claim, Correspondence /Documents for a single patient for the Exclusive Payers. You can repeat the same processes for additional patients.

Can you please briefly elaborate on an “Other payer submission”?
  • Upload the documents in any of the predefined acceptable formats (like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF) to PCH Global.
  • Make sure not to upload print protected, password protected files & files with fillable PDF Forms.
  • It will be automatically printed and mailed to the respective P.O. Boxes of the Other Payers that you have selected.
  • You will be charged on an “image” basis along with the postage & surcharges at actuals.
  • All undeliverable mails will be returned to the address indicated in the “Return Mail Address.”
Is there a file size limit for uploading an Attachment to an Appeal/Claim?

Yes. The maximum allowable file size is 100 MB per submission. Multiple files are allowed per submission within the maximum allowable file size.

Do you have the capability to enter the Claims directly in PCH Global?

Yes. The user can directly enter the Claims details i.e. Professional, Institutional and Dental claims using our “Direct Entry” option under “Document Submission” menu. The user also has the option of attaching supporting documents along with the claims entered using the “UPLOAD” tab in the respective claim forms selected screens.

Do you have the capability to enter mass billing of vaccination claims?

Yes. Use the “Roster Billing” option under “Direct Entry” to enter these vaccinations claims containing multiple patient data. Also, note that this option is available for the Exclusive Payers alone. For these claims, the number of documents submitted is calculated based on the number of claims for each patient.

What is an ICN and Parent ICN. What is the difference between both?

ICN – Internal Control Number. For each document submitted, the system generates the ICN number.

If the appeals, claims, correspondence, or attachment submitted has appeals/claims of different patients or multiple appeals/claims, then the Primary ICN created by PCH Global while submission would be the Parent ICN.

If the user searches through the Parent ICN, the multiple patient appeals/claims submitted via the Parent ICN would be displayed in the “Document Search” and “Document Status report”. Each of these multiple appeals/claims would have their own ICN.

Can I resubmit a claim?

Yes. PCH Global allows you to initiate a resubmission process.

How do I know the status of my Appeal/Claim/Correspondence/Attachment/Document submitted via PCH Global?

Please sign in to PCH Global and check the status in the “Document Search” option. You can check the status anytime, anywhere.

Alternatively, the user can check the status through Reports – “Document Status report”. The document status would either be Accepted, Submitted, Mailed, or Rejected.

For Exclusive Payers, if the Appeals/Claim/Correspondence/Attachment/Document is accepted, then it would have a DCN number under the Client DCN.

For Other Payers, the mail tracking number could be used to track the documents when mailed through USPS Certified, USPS Express Overnight, FedEx Normal, FedEx Overnight, UPS Normal and UPS Overnight.

I don’t find a Payer, Plan or required Address in your Exclusive and Other Payer list? What should I do?

Please use the “Add New Payer” option in the “Document Submission” menu and add the required payer. You can then submit the Appeal/Claim/Correspondence & attachment. These payers will be considered as a part of “Other Payers.”

Can I modify the Payer once added?

Unfortunately, not. Once added payers cannot be modified.

In PCH Global system, how do I know when a new Exclusive Payer is added to your list?

When a new Exclusive Payer is added, the list is updated in the system and you are able to see it in the Payer List in the Notifications menu.

How do I track usage of Documents & Image Submission during the current subscription period?

The “Usage Tab” in the “Document Submission” will allow the user to track the number documents remaining including the bundle transactions (if any) for Exclusive Payers and number of images for Other Payers.

Do I have the option to select the required postal carrier for submitting the Appeal/Claim/Correspondence/Attachment/Document to Other Payers?

Yes. You have the option to select the Postal carrier.

We provide services through USPS, Fedex and UPS. Overnight service delivery option is also available.

Are all of my Other Payer image submissions trackable?

Yes. You are able to track all of the submissions opted for through USPS Certified, USPS Express Overnight, Fedex, Fedex Overnight, UPS and UPS Overnight.

You are also able to get the Mail Tracking Number in the “Work Item”>>> “Document Search report” menu or under “Reports” This provides a status report along with the shipment date.

Do you offer overnight services? Will these services have any cut off time for Same Day Overnight Shipping Services?

Yes, we facilitate overnight services for using USPS Express Overnight, Fedex Overnight & UPS Overnight. File upload cut-off time is 10:00 AM EST. Files received after the cut-off time will be staged for next day overnight shipping service.

Why I am unable to submit an Appeal/Claim/Correspondence/Attachment/Document?

This may be a result of the following:

  • You have not paid your outstanding payment (or)
  • Your subscription period has ended (and/or)
  • You have not renewed your plan.
I am seeing the negative (-) count in the remaining documents/images count in the Usage Tab. What does this mean?

If the remaining documents or images are showing in negative, it means that you have submitted more than the allowable transaction limit of your selected plan. This excess transaction count will be considered as Used transactions in the next subscription plan period and adjusted with the allowable transaction limit.

One of the registered users has left the organization. Can I continue using his or her credentials?

Unfortunately, not. As a first step, this user’s profile should be declared inactive. Then, you can choose to add another user by using the “Add” option in the “User Management” screen.

How do multiple facilities/providers of the same organization submit Appeals/Claims/Correspondence/Attachments/Documents?

The PCH Global system allows multiple facilities/providers to register through the Admin User. Depending on the plan selected, the Appeal/ Claim/ Correspondence/ Attachment/ Document can be submitted by the users.

What does the message “Username is Available” mean when the username is checked?

When this message is provided, the user can proceed to create the user name as currently there is no user created with this user name in the system.

What is the maximum number of users I have at any time during the subscription?

You can have any number of users at any time during the subscription

Where can I go to change my password?

Go to “Manage Users” >>>”My Profile Details” use “Change Password” tab to change the Password.

Note: This feature is not available for Google Sign In users.

If the current Admin leaves the organization, can a new Admin be added?

Yes. Please contact the PCH team 1-877-477-2748 /1-866-468-7907or send an email to

How and when can I cancel my plan?

Cancellation requests should be made at least seven (7) days prior to the end of the current subscription period by placing a request in the system. Alternatively, you may contact 1-877-477-2748 /1-866-468-7907 or email

Will I be charged until the cancellation confirmation is received?

For Exclusive Payer:

No additional fees for submission of Appeals/ Claims/ Correspondence/ Attachments/ Documents when submitted to Exclusive Payer are charged for a period between the cancellation request and the confirmation

For Other Payer:

Yes, during the period between the cancellation request and the confirmation, when you submit to Other Payer, you will be charged postage at actual cost.

If I choose to cancel my plan, will I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. Refunds will not be provided.

Do I have an option to pause my plan for a short period?

Pausing a plan (be it for a short/long period) is not permitted.

What will happen, if I switch to plan with more benefits than the current plan within the current subscription period?

Plan roll-down will be enabled only when you are currently in a Professional or Enterprise Plan. When you downgrade your plan, your new plan will come in to effect only after the current billing cycle.

What does Sponsored User mean?

Sponsored Users are those who are currently subscribed to the Sponsored Plan in PCH Global through promotion of one or more our Exclusive Payer.

During the promotional period of 90 days, you can submit Appeals/ Claims/ Correspondence/ Attachments/ Documents to any Exclusive Payer from our network, free of cost. In addition, you can also submit Appeals/ Claims/ Correspondence/ Attachments/ Documents to Other Payers using the Print on Demand functionality by paying only for postage & surcharges.

During or after the promotional period of 90 days, you can subscribe to any of our plans to submit Appeals/ Claims/ Correspondence/ Attachments/ Documents to any payers. Your subscription will not affect your ability to submit Appeal/ Claims/ Correspondence/ Attachment/ Documents to your sponsored Exclusive Payers, and you can submit Appeals/ Claims/ Correspondence/ Attachment/ Documents without any limitation on the number of documents submitted.

If you choose not to subscribe to any plan, you will continue to use your privilege of submitting Appeals / Claims/ Correspondence/ Attachments/ Documents free of cost to those Exclusive Payers who sponsored your Subscription to Sponsored Plan to PCH Global.

When can I get the full benefit of the Payer Promo Code?

To receive the full benefits of the Payer Promo Code, you need to enter the Payer Promo coupon code during the initial registration while selecting the plan using “My Account Setup”.

If the Payer Promo Code is used after the initial subscription, you will have the privilege of submitting Appeals/ Claims/ Correspondence/ Attachments/ Documents free of cost to those Exclusive Payers who sponsored the promotional subscription offer.

Where can I get the Payer Promo Code?

The Promo Codes are offered by Payers sponsoring PCH Global for its network providers. Providers can obtain the Promo Code directly from their Payers. Payers can also contact Exela to learn how to offer a Promo Code for their network providers by emailing

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